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Basswood Frame Painted Shutters

These beautiful and elegant shutters are crafted from the finest basswood, painted, and pre-assembled inside a frame for an easy installation. At $18.50 a square foot (rounded up) + $0.15 per inch of frame, they are economical as well as easy to install. The Actual Shutter is the size of the window opening and the Frame is larger than the opening. To dicuss mounting options call 817-975-9333

# of shutters across openingOneTwoFour
Minimum12 inches24 inches48 inches
Maximum36 inches72 inches144 inches
vetical sections(panes)OneTwo
Minimum12 inches48 inches
Maximum72 inches96 inches


*Shutter image not to scale

Louver Size
2 1/2 inches   3 1/2 inches   4 1/2 inches
Color of the Shutters (Sherman WIlliams)
Extra white   Pure   Elegant
Offwhite   Alibaster   Antique
Hinge Color
White   Offwhite   Nickle
Brass   Antique
Frame Style
Beaded L Deco
Framing Options
Two sided,Top & Bottom sill   Three sided, Bottom sill   Full
Number of Shutters across the opening (single only imaged)
These options are dependant on the framing options and shutter width
One   Two   Four
Shutter Width
Width inches
Shutter Height
Height inches
Number of Panes in Shutter
The options are dependant on the height
Single Pane   Double Paned
Number to Order
Enter how many units

For special or phone orders, call (817)975-9333.

Allow 8 weeks for delivery.

Order online today!

Check or Money Orders also accepted.

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