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Cabinet Doors Catalog

To order simply click on the picture of the cabinet door you desire and fill out the order form.

Single Paneled Single Paneled Single Paneled
Square EyeBrow Arched Double Cathedral Arched

Single Paneled Double Paneled Double Paneled
Cathedral Parallel Squared Cathedral/Squared

Double Paneled Quadruple Paneled Unpaneled/
EyeBrow/Squared Squared Drawer Front

Product Features

Edge Styles

You have several choices for the style of the outer edge of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
1. Double Cove
2. Double Cove Beveled
3. Single Cove Beveled
4. Single Cove
5. Bull Nose
6. Bevel
7. Mitered Bull Nose
8. Squared (no edge)

Panel Styles

If you are choosing a product with one or more panels, you will have multiple choices of panel styles to choose from. The available selections depend on the cabinet door selected. If you choose a model where all the panels are rectangular, all the choices shown below are available. For all other models, only the first and third are available.
1. Regular Cut
2. Bevel Cut* (Square Panels Only - No Arch)
3. Fancy Cut*
4. Quarter Inch (Square Panels Only - No Arch)
* - For panel styles 2 (Bevel Cut) and 3 (Fancy Cut), an extra $2.00 charge per door will be incurred.


We offer a full range of materials from which your doors can be constructed.
Paint Grade - Ideal for painted cabinets. Wood frame with MDF Panels.
Alder Knotty
White Oak
Red Oak
Pine Knotty


Prices are based on material, size, and number of panels.

Paneled Cabinet Doors (CDA - CDH)

For multi-panel cabinet doors, there is a $2.00 charge for each extra panel.

Material< 500 sq. in>= 500 sq. in.
Paint Grade $39.95 per door $12.95 sq. ft.
Ash $44.95 per door $14.95 sq. ft.
Alder Knotty $44.95 per door $14.95 sq. ft.
White Oak $47.95 per door $15.75 sq. ft.
Red Oak $47.95 per door $15.75 sq. ft.
Maple $49.95 per door $15.95 sq. ft.
Pine Knotty $44.95 per door $14.95 sq. ft.

Unpaneled Cabinet Doors/ Drawer Fronts Slabs(CDZ)

MaterialCostMinimum Amount per Unit
MDF $11.95 sq. ft. $11.95
Ash $13.95 sq. ft. $13.95
Alder Knotty $13.95 sq. ft. $13.95
White Oak $14.95 sq. ft. $14.95
Red Oak $14.95 sq. ft. $14.95
Maple $14.95 sq. ft. $14.95
Pine Knotty $14.95 sq. ft. $14.95

Actual door sizes only are accepted - no opening sizes please.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery

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Check or Money Orders also accepted.